Archive: 22/07/2021

I’ve Had Enough – I am Taking Up Carpet Cleaning in Archway

Now, here is the thing – I am so meticulous and demanding from any aspect of my life, that I cannot help but feel disgusted with the stains on my living room rug.

It’s a lovely Afghan rug that has been a trusty companion for many years. It has followed me to every place in London I have dared call my home. Archway included.

I moved to N19 just before the COVID pandemic hit these shores (and the whole planet). I have always had a thing for North London. South of the Thames is just not my cup of tea. I have lived there for a good few years but what made me move away from any London postcodes starting with SE or SW was the lack of good roads. The South Circular road is a joke and there are literally no fast roads to use when a quick movement is required.

North London is a stark contrast with its fast North Circular Road (A406), you have the A1, the M1, A41, M11, A12, A40/M40 – all of these just make a car driving guy’s life a lot easier.

Coming back to Archway. I love the shady streets lined with big old trees (St John’s Villas, Holloway Road, Prospero Road etc.). Calm and tranquil, my walks have never been better.

Coming back to rugs and carpets. I was looking at my trusty beautiful Afghan rug and I felt sorry for the state it was in. Being busy with my life in general has left it neglected and unclean.

I will be a carpet cleaner in Archway, yay!

Right at this moment – Bang! A lightning bright idea flashed in my lazy afternoon brain. I will become a carpet cleaner. A carpet and rug cleaner, to be precise. Suddenly, I decided to start studying the rug construction, its fibres, the science that goes behind the ancient methods of weaving and threading – the whole lot. I will learn how to cleaning carpets and rugs like an expert. And the best bit – I will start earning a living with my new skills.

I was so pumped, I instantly added a couple of coffee stains to my poor rug. Actually, dropping my cup of espresso did not register that clearly in my mind as I was deep into thinking about my exciting future as a professional carpet cleaner in Archway.

OK, get moving. I need to start working on my idea. For starters I need to create a master plan of what milestones I need to achieve in order to get to the place I want to be. I need a list of tasks to do.

Jeez, it’s so late at night and even the constantly noisy traffic on the Holloway Road has died out. I need to reset and recharge my brain. Tomorrow I will start ticking those boxes.