About Me

Hi, I am Jordan and I’ve started an exciting new journey.

I decided I will become a professional carpet cleaner. Yes, out of the blue and it doesn’t run in the family. I live in Archway and I am planning to offer my carpet cleaning service to my local friends and neighbours in N19. Call it a test drive my new skills and at the same time get some experience.

OK Jordan, but why carpet cleaning?

My Carpet Cleaning Efforts in Archway, N19

I have a thing for finely crafted things. I started enjoying and buying fine Afghan wool rugs a few years back. Very quickly I realised these things needed regular maintenance and most importantly – vacuuming and steam cleaning.

After spending a small fortune on caring for my rugs, I had a eureka moment. There were lots of people like me, who would want their precious soft furnishings properly looked after and professionally maintained. I loved taking care of my rugs (and later on fine 80/20 Axminster carpet) and thought I may be able to offer my help to others while making some money out of it. Sort of making money out of your hobby. Brilliant!

Later on I realised that cleaning carpets and rugs involves an awful lot of patience, learning, knowledge and being at the top of the latest science advancements related to the industry. A professional training course became a must. Investing in one was the best thing I have ever done. It has helped me tremendously from day one.

Now I spend my days walking around my favourite North London neighbourhood (Archway, how did you guess?), perfecting my craft by learning new carpet cleaning techniques and gathering priceless experience in hot water extraction.